Terms & conditions

These Terms & Conditions define the use conditions of by potential visitors or customers. By accessing and browsing this website you accept the following Terms & Conditions.
Details about free services
Free services users have the right to open 1 ticket/day on our Discord server. We reserve the right to cancel, delete or modify free services without any notice. Users that enter false or unverifiable information on their account will not be able to own free services.
Service use conditions
The services can only be used in the purpose they were purchased for, meaning game hosting and/or other applications according to the service's description on the website. Services which are used for other things will be terminated, and thus permanently deleted.
Additional information about dedicated servers
Dedicated servers delivery can be instant (under 1 hour) or take up to 7 business days. Dedicated servers are unmanaged, meaning the customer is responsible for administrating their own server.
Refund policy
All sales are final. We offer full refunds only if the next two (2) conditions are met: The contact information provided by the customer requesting a refund must be completely real and verifiable & The problem that causes the reason for a refund must be caused by our services and cannot be fixed at all. Recurring payments are not refundable, these must be cancelled by the customer through the payment processor (PayPal, Stripe, etc.). PaySafeCard payments are not refundable.
The customers declares that they understand and accept that in any case of claiming damages, the total sum of the damages claimed for any reason and which could be paid by provider cannot surpass in any case and in any way the total sum of the payments made by the customer to the provider.
Service cancellation refund policy
The customer assumes the obligation to cancel the service in question before it's due date. Any transaction made automatically through our platform ( cannot be refunded to the customer. Every service can be cancelled at any time before it's due date, without including it. The service can be cancelled within 29 days from initial payment, which means 1 day before it's due date.
Technical information
TIC Hosting Solutions SRL continues to develop in order to satisfy the needs of it's customers. This may cause downtime because of maintenances. Most of the times these maintenances will have prior notice, but sometimes they may be not planned.
Change of contractual clauses
The increase in the prices of the services offered by TIC Hosting Solutions SRL, whether new or already existing services in the customer's account, can be carried out without prior notice, but the reflection of the price increase will be visible in the invoices generated after the price increase. The customer / user is not obliged to pay these invoices if he does not agree with the new price and consequently he can request the cancellation of the active service / services either by using the cancellation option on the service page or by creating a support ticket on the website The customer is under no obligation to pay an invoice if he does not agree with the new price. In case of refusal to pay, the customer is obliged to ensure that all files stored on the service / active services are saved on the personal computer. Refusal of payment will automatically result in suspension of the service on the expiry date and termination & deletion of the active service / services for which payment of the invoice / invoices issued with the new price has been refused.
Non-payment of services
After three (3) days from the invoice's due date a service is suspended, and after three (3) more days the service is terminated, and thus permanently deleted. Payment of the invoice within this interval will cancel the suspension & deletion process, and the service will be active again. TIC Hosting Solutions SRL does not assume any responsibility for data lost because of failed payments or payments not made in time. TIC Hosting Solutions SRL does not offer backups (copies) for the files stored on any of the provided services.
TIC Hosting Solutions SRL will not be in any way responsible for downtime of the servers caused by customer's actions or internet consistency fluctuations.
Additional support taxes
TIC Hosting Solutions SRL will help the users, at their written request, additional support or administration services (meaning anything other than setting up the provided hosting services) as follows: 1 hour - 35 € / hour; 2 hours - 30 € / hour; 3 hours - 25 € / hour; anything longer than 3 hours - 20 € / hour. These prices are not negotiable. Also, we guarantee at least 5 ticket responses / day during weekdays (Monday - Friday) and 2 ticket responses / day during the weekend and holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.).
The customer may not benefit from the help of our support team if they are recalcitrant and / or uncooperative. The only free support provided will be helping the customer set up the hosting services provided by us, any other request will be taxed according to our "Additional support taxes".
Personal information
Any person who wants to purchase one of the services presented has the obligation to register an account using real and accurate information regarding their identity. When you are requested personal or legal information through this site, this aims to identify you in order to be able to generate invoices for the services purchased on our website. This is all the more necessary in the case of using the applications available on the website and for your identification in order to respond to requests made in the control panel related to the registered account (Support Tickets). The nature of the requested information refers in particular to personal data (beneficiary name, address, telephone numbers) or of a legal nature, e-mail address, the way in which the products and/or services of TIC Hosting Solutions SRL are used or intend to be used , but may also include other information closely related to the use of the requested services and/or products. This is mandatory due to the legal provisions in force that refer to the issuing of invoices for natural or legal persons. In order to better respond to the needs and questions of website users, the information requested through this website will be subject to electronic storage and processing.
About the purchased services
Once you purchase a hosting service you agree with these stipulations: Any unforeseen maintenance causing partial / total interruptions of the services, which include any type of damage & loss, regardless of it's duration, is not subject to the liability of TIC Hosting Solutions SRL. Every customer is obligated to keep a backup copy of the files stored on hosting services provided by us, in their personal computer and / or any other cloud storage provider.
Information provided through this website
Any person who visits the website and who provides data or information of a personal or legal nature through this site expressly and unequivocally consents to the following: the processing of this data and personal information by TIC Hosting Solutions SRL in order to carry out market studies; transmission of promotional materials specific to direct marketing operations; the resolution by TIC Hosting Solutions SRL of the requests, questions and complaints addressed; other activities undertaken by TIC Hosting Solutions SRL and permitted by law, which are not subject to an approval from the recipient. TIC Hosting Solutions SRL will keep this information confidential. The continued use of this site constitutes your express and unequivocal consent in accordance with the GDPR directives for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.