Start ignoring all DDoS attacks

Our DDoS protection works so well that the only impact attacks will have will be a notification message being delivered to you (optional).

High DDoS Attack Mitigation capacity
Thanks to our upstream CDN77's high capacity we can mitigate attacks that reach up to 50Tbit/s, being able to protect your server during World-Record sized attacks.
Strict application specific filtering
All applications (such as game servers) are protected from DDoS attacks in a Zero Trust manner, meaning any packet that reaches your server must come from a client that passed authentication requirements.
Internet usage and attack statistics
Learn more about your business thanks to the statistics we provide about legitimate and malicious traffic, enabling you to make better security and networking decisions.
Protection up to the latest standards
Experience DDoS protection that truly keeps up with you and your business. Thanks to XDP and eBPF technologies, traffic filtering has become fast and reliable, with 0 latency impact on our customers.
XDP kernel applications
XDP allows us to process packets before they even reach our server's networking stack, enabling us to take appropriate action in less than one millisecond.
Accurate statistics
Thanks to XDP programs being run for every single packet, our statistics are as accurate as they can be, displaying everything as it is.
True traffic inspection
Our traffic filtering system inspects ALL traffic, not just packet samples (like sFlow), ensuring that every byte is what it really should be.