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Light up your dreams and stop worrying about DDoS Attacks - you won't even notice them.

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Why choose torchbyte?
These are some of the features that make us stand out.
Full control over your services
Take advantage of our all-inclusive control panels. Track usage statistics, manage settings, receive notifications and more.
Weekly security inspections
In addition to our security measures that are already in place, we also perform security tests on a weekly basis.
24/7 Support
Experienced technical support
Our technical support is available throughout the whole week, ready to help you out with their extensive know-how.
Fully reduntant network
Thanks to NXDATA being a Tier III Compliant data center A+B feeds, multiple high capacity Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and backup diesel generators help us stay online during power outages. Also, multiple physical connections to our upstream Internet Service Providers and peers prevent any fiber cuts or hardware failures from affecting our network. These measures help us gain our customer's trust and stay online no matter what. In addition to these, your data is completely safe thanks to both on-site and off-site backup servers ready to recover from any unforeseen incidents, such as core server hardware failures, software failures or human errors.
Data center information
NXDATA-1 is the first carrier-neutral, colocation-orientated data center in Romania. Located in Bucharest, this is one of the most important locations for Internet Services in Eastern Europe, housing most of the major ISPs in the region.
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Remote Handscheck
Tier III Certificationcheck
N+N diesel generatorscheck
N+1 Redundant UPScheck
DDoS protection
Before reaching your server, each packet goes through four stages, ensuring clean Internet traffic reaches your server through the shortest path possible and malicious traffic gets stopped along the way.
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What are the stages?
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Stage 1
The packet leaves the source computer and routers decide the shortest path to your server
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Stage 2
Packets matching volumetric / simple attack traffic get filtered by CDN77
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Stage 3
Packets matching more complex attacks get filtered by NeoProtect
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Stage 4
We catch any malicious packet that goes past the other stages and forward clean traffic to your server
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