Short paths for low latency networking

Major ISPs are only a few hops away, with local providers getting as close as next-hop. This allows low latency and no congestion for our customers.

Current uplink port capacity
DDoS Attack Mitigation capacity
Daily DDoS Attacks
Proactive monitoring
To ensure normal network operations, we proactively monitor our upstream connections and detect issues before they even get the chance to impact our customers.
High capacity optic fiber connectivity
We only use optic fiber connections with port speeds of at least 10Gbit/s to avoid congestion and prevent even the smallest packet loss.
Enterprise grade networking equipment
The use of high-quality networking equipment from Hewlett Packard Enterprise ensures 24/7/365 network operations and continuous Internet connectivity
Explore our network structure
Explore our network's architecture and witness the foundation of exceptional performance, reliability, and security.